Make a donation to help 2020 Art Festival in Kaliningrad happen
Our propouse is a one-of-a-kind cross-showcase of young artists from the capital and the unique Russian exclave.
The main task is to create a large-scale festival with the best young authors of Moscow and Kaliningrad and art professionals.
The most important part of the project will be an educational workshop for participants in Moscow, which will set the tone for the next stage: pop up festival «Kaliningrad Art Space".
Already now you can join the young team, which for 6 years of work in Kaliningrad has created the first non-government cultural center, implemented more than 50 exhibition projects of young contemporary artists and held over 400 events for the development of contemporary culture.
We are looking for everyone curious about contemporary local Russian art, who cares about regional development and who craves new names on the cultural map of our country.
If you are passionate about contemporary art and believe that young Russian artists must be more visible, you can already support the first independent festival of young art in Kaliningrad. With your contributions young artists will find their audience and show their works to the whole country and the world, while you will have a great opportunity to visit the Baltic coast.
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Support contemporary culture in Kaliningrad!
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